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Pubic lice are often referred to as “crabs” since the lice look like crabs under a microscope. Pubic lice reside in the pubic hair of the body and cause quite a stir. Crabs are most commonly transmitted by sexual intercourse with an infected person. However, you can get lice from clothing, towels, or bedding of an infected person. The easiest way to tell if you have pubic lice is by itchiness in your genital region, usually more intense at night. The lice like to feed at night.

Pubic lice treatment is the same as with other types of lice, medicated shampoos. Some are over the counter and others require a prescription. Make sure to use the medication as directed and then clean all clothing and bedding using the hot water cycle on the wash machine. If you have a severe case of pubic lice, you may want to simply shave the infected area since the hair is where the lice live.

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