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Got Dandruff?

Dry, itchy, red, flaky scalp is nothing to laugh at. Well, at times it can be humorous to shake your head and make it snow. For the most part though, people will be disgusted and so will you. What do you do when your head itches like crazy and all the scratching does is lead to red, weepy wounds are white flakes in your hair? There are a number of things which can cause dandruff and or an itchy scalp: eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, ect.

When looking for some relief, start simple dandruff control shampoo. If that doesn’t solve the problem try taking an antihistamine to help with the itching. Still not working, there are a few over the counter treatments out there that require more work, like putting some goop in your hair over night and so on. If nothing really seems to help or you just want some answers, your Dermatologist is your new best friend.

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Digestive and other bodily problems really are not very funny or pleasant, but if you’ve already got some, you may as well laugh about it.

This is a site that celebrates farting. To avoid some of the problems listed above, consider cleaning out your butt, altering your diet, visiting a doctor, or investing in some topical disinfectants!