Earwax Research

Knowing what other people are asking about earwax (a variation of ear wax) may help you find answers to your own questions.

While searching for answers to odd earwax questions, the following phrases were all typed into search engines by real people.

Whether you find these weird phrases funny or not, bodily problems are clearly something lots of people are dealing with. You are quite certainly not alone!

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What is That In My Ear?

Earwax, we all have it but where does it come from and what is it for? Earwax is created in the outer ear canal. The skin in the outer ear canal has special glands which are responsible for producing earwax. Once the earwax is created, it moves through the outer ear canal to the ear opening. The earwax will naturally fall out or can be washed out in the shower or bath. The outer ear canal is constantly making earwax to replace the wax which falls out.

Earwax is important because it protects the ears from infections. The wax also keeps the ear lubricated so that it doesn’t become dry or itchy. Earwax also protects the ears from outside pollutants like dust and dirt, which could fly into the ear and cause serious damage if there was not a barrier. Earwax will reproduce itself and fall out naturally, so regular baths or showers should get rid of enough earwax so you don’t have to do a thing.

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