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Knowing what other people are asking about dog poop may help you find answers to your own questions.

While searching for answers to odd dog poop questions, the following phrases were all typed into search engines by real people.

Whether you find these weird phrases funny or not, doggy problems are clearly something lots of people are dealing with. You are quite certainly not alone!

“Dog Poop” Searches:

Bodily Phrase and # of Daily Searches

  • dog poop (731)
  • dog poop bags (36)
  • no dog poop sign (26)
  • dog eats poop (20)
  • plastic dog poop (19)
  • can you compost dog poop (15)
  • dog eating poop (15)
  • dog poop bag (15)
  • dog poops blood (15)
  • dog poop laws (14)
  • fake dog poop (14)
  • outside dog poop disinfectant (14)
  • when dog eats poop (14)
  • artifical dog poop key hider (12)
  • coprophagia dog poop eating (12)
  • dog is involuntary poop (12)
  • dog poop scooper (12)
  • housebroken dog starts to poop in the house (12)
  • one scoop for dog poop (12)
  • pictures of dog poop (12)
  • dog feeding schedule for regular poops (11)
  • dog going poop (11)
  • dog poop bussiness (11)
  • no poop dog sign (11)
  • training a dog not to pee and poop in the house (11)
  • why does my dog eat poop (11)
  • dog poop clean up (9)
  • dog poop freeze (9)
  • how to get rid of dog poop (9)
  • big dog poop (7)
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  • dog poop calender (7)
  • how do i get my dog to poop on her pad (7)
  • my dog eats poop (7)
  • recycling dog poop (7)
  • why would a dog poop on a bed (7)
  • biodegradable dog poop bags (6)
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  • friend’s dog poops in my house (6)
  • homemade dog poop disposal systems (6)
  • how do you keep dog from eating cat poop (6)
  • how to get rid of dog poop on your lawn (6)
  • mucus in dog poop (6)
  • petrified dog poop (6)
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  • make rubber dog poop (4)
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Digestive and other bodily problems really are not very funny or pleasant, but if you’ve already got some, you may as well laugh about it.

This is a site that celebrates farting. To avoid some of the problems listed above, consider cleaning out your butt, altering your diet, visiting a doctor, or investing in some topical disinfectants!