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Constipated Pooch

Dogs have digestive problems just like humans do; only it is harder from them to tell us what is wrong. If you take the dog out for a walk and they appear to be struggling with pooping, it could be constipation. If you notice you have taken the dog out several times a day and no poop has come out, it may be constipation. If your dog is constipated it will take him, or her, awhile to get the poop out and the pooh will be small, round, and hard. You can tell the consistency by looking at it, or if you are really brave, you can touch it.

The main cause of constipation in animals is lack of water and not enough bathroom time. Make sure to give your dog extra water and walk him more frequently while he is constipated. There are some laxatives out there that can be used on dogs, but you must first check with the vet to make sure you don’t further the problems. You might try exercising your dog and giving him extra water too.

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