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Was That You or the Dog?

Dog farts are one of the strongest smelling orders you may ever experience. Dogs seem to suffer from severe flatulence, and not in a good way. The order makes you want to pick up all your things, leave the room, and never return again; it’s that bad. Many causes of these smelly farts are all about what the dog eats. Eating too quickly, eating foods that cause gas (beans, human food), and eating poor quality dog food can all cause your poor animal to emit the horrific orders.

Some tips you may want to use if your dog is overly gassy are as follows:

  • Feed the dog in smaller portions throughout the day instead of one or two large portions.
  • Feed the dog in a quiet place, where it will not fear the food being taken away too quickly. This will help the dog relax and enjoy the meal rather than rush through it.
  • Exercise the dog more often
  • Choose a higher quality dog food. You get what you pay for and if you pay crap for it, you may be smelling crap later.

Dog Farts Are Not Always Funny


Just like humans, dogs can fart too. Sometimes it makes us laugh, especially if there’s a funny sound together with the fart. As for the smell, sometimes you can hardly notice, but in other times it could be 100 times worst than a rotten egg. The crazy thing is, the smellier it is the more we think it’s funny.

That’s when your dog is farting occasionally, but when the dog farts excessively and spreading an outrageous toxic smell every time you walk in the house or every time he/she is around you, this is when it becomes a real “pain in the butt” and not so funny anymore.

Farting is a normal thing for most living creatures. Everybody farts, you, your parents, your teachers, your priest, your favorite celebrities, the president, the kings and queens (they just do it with grace and maybe they call it the Royal Fart), the beautiful Miss Universe, and even Cinderella if she’s real she farts too. So it’s a very normal thing, but if one is farting excessively with a terrible smell every time, then maybe something is wrong and it could be a sign of a digestive problem.

A dog farts for the same reason why a human farts. there is air in the digestive system and it has to come out somewhere, if it’s not going up (burped out) it will go down and becomes fart. In most cases, it’s because your dog is eating too fast, thus it swallows lots of air while eating. If that’s the case, mostly you won’t smell anything. The smelly ones are those produced by intestinal bacteria, but actually only 1% of such bacteria that produces methane or smelly sulphur. Dogs are carnivores, so they are not built to digest plant fibres, so at this point, the intestinal bacteria will do the job and breaks this down, gas is a by-product of this whole process.

It could also happen when the digested food is not decomposed properly in the intestines, resulting in buildup gases. some of the gas will be absorbed by the blood, but the rest will turn into flatulence.

Excessive farting can also be the sign of more serious health problems, such as food allergy, liver disease, or pancreatitis. If your dog also has occasional diarrhoea, vomitting or refusing to eat together with excessive farting, the problem might be serious and you should see a vet right away.


What Aree The Causes of Dog Farts


Fortunately, in most cases excessive farts in dogs are not signs of serious health threats and the treatment is quite simple. But before you can decide what to do in order to stop your dog’s excessive flatulence, you have to know what’s causing the problem. Here are some of the main causes for excessive farts in dogs:

1. Poor Quality Dog Food

A dog’s digestive system is not very much different than human. So if your digestive system can be screwed up by eating too much junk food, it can also happen to your dog. A lot of commercial dog food products are made from by-products with superficial fillers. Dog owners usually prefer to feed their dogs with such products because they are cheap, but are they really worth it compared to your dog’s health? If you can’t feed your dog properly than you shouldn’t even have a dog in the first place. Poor quality dog food can cause a number a problem to your dog, including diarrhea, low energy, and excessive farting.

2. Aging and Lack of Exercise

Exercise can do a lot of good things for your dog, including to give a proper stimulation to his intestines, which will make the waste run through the body easier and faster. Lack of exercise is a cause for a lot of health problems, including excessive dog farts, especially in older dogs.

So it’s a good time to start exercising your dog, you can walk your dog one a day or even take him when you go out jogging every morning. If your dog is too old then take him on a slower pace in shorter distance. Walking your dog is very important not only for his health, but it could also address on his behavioral issues.

3. Eating Some Types of Foods That Can Cause Flatulence

There are several types of foods that are known to cause excessive gas, and these foods can also cause flatulence for your dog. Some of the most common ones are beans, broccoli, cauliflower, milk, and soybeans. Try to be more selective when choosing your dog food products or when you’re picking ingredients to make your dog foods.

Some protein sources commonly used in dog foods are also known to cause this problem. Try to switch protein sources in your dog’s food and see if it could solve the problem.

Food sources that are rich in fiber could also help with the digestion process in the intestines, even though a dog’s body is not really built to digest fiber. Some fiber supplement products could be a great option to help regulates the excessive gas problems in dogs.

4. Eating Too Fast

Watch your dog during meal time, if he eats like he just got home after being stranded in a secluded island with no decent foods for months, then you just found the problem for your dog’s gas problem. when your dog is eating too fast, he will swallow a lot of air together with the food. The air will buildup in the dog’s digestive system and will find its way out, most of the times from the rear end.

One of the main reasons why dogs develop this behavior is because they are afraid that their foods are going to be taken away, especially if you have more than one dog at home. Puppies that have smaller bodies also can develop such behavior because they usually got pushed away from their foods by their (bigger) siblings.

If you adopted a dog that used to live on the street, there’s a big chance that you will also this kind of behavior. The street life can be really tough for a dog, they often have to fight for their food and eat fast while the food is still available.

Try to move the food bowl to a more quiet place where the dog can feel a bit safer to finish the food. Sometimes this simple thing can solve the problem if you think your dog is eating too fast because he’s afraid that the food will be taken away from him.

Another reason is because the dog simply has a habit to eat fast or he’s a very active dog so usually during meal time he would feel extremely hungry.

In order to break the habit, instead of serving meals two times a day, you can give smaller portions of meals throughout the day. This can avoid the dog from feeling too hungry.


Natural Supplements


Giving your dog a well balanced high-quality natural supplements is one of the best ways to control dog farts problem.

Probiotics – Bacterial flora is very important for our digestive system. If there is an imbalance of bacterial flora in the intestines, just like in humans, dogs can have digestive problems including excessive gas. Probiotics can help with this problem, however it’s best to consult with your vet before you buy any probiotic product, because there are variations of probiotics available in the market. There are probiotics that are meant to correct bacterial imbalance, and there are also probiotics that simply support the growth of the correct bacteria.

Digestive Enzymes – Digestive enzymes can help greatly in breaking down carbohydrates which will lessen the gas production in the colon. There are also various products available in the market, just make sure you choose the one that’s completely natural and has lots of recommendations. It’s also great if you can consult with your vet about which product you should buy. Some products are quite cheap but can work very effectively and also very easy to administer.

Activated Charcoal – This is another good option that can be made into a slurry or simply fed as tablets. But remember not to feed your dog with activated charcoal for too long as it can interrupt the absorption of other nutrients, usually the recommended duration is only up to 3 day. But to be completely sure, again it’s best to consult with your veterinarian first.

Vitamin B Complex – This is also a great addition for your dog’s diet. There are a lot of Vitamin B Complex products specifically formulated for animals including dogs.

Additionally you can also give your dog some natural herbs that have been proven to be effective in helping with the digestive system, some of these herbs are Cardamom, Chamomile, Fennel, Fenugreek, Peppermint, and Pimpinella.

Finally you can also include adding some nutritious ingredients in your dog’s food, including Brown rice, Fresh apple, Yogurt, and vegetables but without including some of the vegetables that can cause flatulence such as broccoli, cauliflower or beans.

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Digestive and other bodily problems really are not very funny or pleasant, but if you’ve already got some, you may as well laugh about it.

This is a site that celebrates farting. To avoid some of the problems listed above, consider cleaning out your butt, altering your diet, visiting a doctor, or investing in some topical disinfectants!