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Cabbage Soup

One of the latest and greatest diet fads is the Cabbage Soup diet. What is it, how can I do it, and what is it good for? The goal is to eat cabbage soup for 7 days in order to jump start your weight lose program. The Cabbage Soup diet requires just 7 days of your time and includes 7 steps, one for each day.

Day 1: Eat as many fruits, except bananas, with your cabbage soup.

Day 2: Eat as many vegetables with your cabbage soup.

Day 3: Eat both fruits and vegetables along with your cabbage soup.

Day 4: Drink skim milk and eat bananas with your soup.

Day 5: Eat tomatoes and beef with the soup.

Day 6: Eat as much beef as possible, with vegetables and your soup.

Day 7: Eat brown rice, vegetables, and soup.

After the seventh day, you go back to your normal diet, but keeping sugars and fats to a minimum.

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