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Iā€™m Gonna Wash that Yeast Right Out

Candida cleanse, sounds interesting but what is it and why do it? Candida cleanse is basically the same as a colon cleanse, you are going to rid your body of toxins and harmful bacteria. The cleanse will flush out the buildup of excess sugars and carbohydrates in the bowels and intestines. This cleaning process restores the balance between good and bad bacteria and corrects the ph level of the body.

Some of the things to expect while doing the cleanse are using the toilet a lot more than normal, feeling tired, and having headaches. You will be using the toilet more than normal because you are flushing out the toxins in the body. The fatigue and headaches will be from a lack of water or dehydration, due to the many bathroom trips. Be sure to drink plenty of water during the cleansing process to replace all the water you will be losing.

More Funny Search Phrases:

Hemorroids, Rectums, Vomiting, Farts & YOU šŸ˜‰

Digestive and other bodily problems really are not very funny or pleasant, but if you’ve already got some, you may as well laugh about it.

This is a site that celebrates farting. To avoid some of the problems listed above, consider cleaning out your butt, altering your diet, visiting a doctor, or investing in some topical disinfectants!