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Knowing what other people are asking about belches may help you find answers to your own questions.

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Whether you find these weird phrases funny or not, bodily problems are clearly something lots of people are dealing with. You are quite certainly not alone!

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Popular Belchers

Everyone has gas and everyone has to get rid of it one way or the other. Even the most popular people in the world belch, in fact Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake met over belching. Many other celebrities aren’t ashamed to show off their belching powers either. Just search online for “celebrities belching” or “celebrity belches” and you will find a whole bunch of sites dedicated to various celebrities belching away.

If your heart desires a good old fashion celebrity belching contest, the Kids Choice Awards are exactly what you are looking for. Such stars as Justin Timberlake, Will Smith, Cameron Diaz, and Johnny Depp participate. Justin Timberlake is the reigning champion of belching; add that to the list of things you never really needed to know. The contest brings celebrities off their high pedestals and brings them back down to our level. Never know what else you might find out there, celebrity farting contest perhaps?

More Funny Search Phrases:

Hemorroids, Rectums, Vomiting, Farts & YOU 😉

Digestive and other bodily problems really are not very funny or pleasant, but if you’ve already got some, you may as well laugh about it.

This is a site that celebrates farting. To avoid some of the problems listed above, consider cleaning out your butt, altering your diet, visiting a doctor, or investing in some topical disinfectants!