Fart Videos

Why Do We Love Watching Fart Videos?

Regardless of how gross or impolite it is, we still think fart is funny. Whether you want to admit it or not, you must have ever laughed when someone farted, which is actually quite normal because everybody does it. In fact, human kind have actually developed some kind of bizarre obsession about fart and exploit it for entertainment purposes. If you go to a toy store, you will find lots of toys that actually produce fart-like sounds and even smells. Perhaps there are thousands of fart-prank devices are on the market as well, such as whoopee cushion, fart machine with remote control, fart bomb, or even disgusting fart smelling spray. If you imagine that people really spend money for something that literally has no other function than to produce rotten smelling odor, that’s actually quite amazing.

Fart is also being one of the favorite subjects in a comedy, whether it’s a book, movie or play. If you type “fart book” in google, you will get a staggering number of results showing up. When I did a quick search I actually got more than 2 million results! There are all kinds of fart books, from the ones that talk about the science of fart, fart jokes compilation, fart stories, and there are even some books with fart sounds included.

In comedy movies, fart jokes have always become the most anticipated scene, because they never fail to make us laugh. even in plays since the medieval times fart has become the mainstay of the acts.

Another unique entertainment involving fart is the performance of a flatulist, or someone who can fart at will. Flatulist performance has been in existence since the ancient times and usually performed before the aristocrats in certain events. Usually flatulists perform their acts with music or other entertaining forms. So these people are actually got paid just to fart, can’t imagine a better job than that.

So we’ve had a long and unique fascination with fart, and in this internet era we continue that fascination by posting and enjoying thousands of fart videos. Most of these videos are made for entertainment purposes. Why there are so many of them? because clearly we think that fart is funny and we just love it, no matter how strange it might sound.

There’s no scientific explanation as to why people laugh or why we find something is funny, so no one really knows why we find fart is funny and why we love to watch fart videos. If we ask different people about why they think fart or fart videos are funny, we likely will get different answers. However, there are a few main ideas that somehow connect us all about farts and why we think fart videos are funny.

Bodily Functions Are Naturally Hilarious

Like it or not, that’s the truth. Some bodily functions are just funny, and mostly these are the gross ones. What do you think when you see someone sneezes and then the snot just dangling on his nose? pretty funny, right? or how about when a grow man wet himself? That’s also hilarious. Fart is one of those gross bodily functions that is harmless, but really funny. Also, usually – but not always – the one who farts is usually the funniest guy in the room, isn’t it? perhaps somehow there’s also a connection there.

Humans Love to Laugh at Themselves

Something good about human beings is that we can always find the humor in ourselves. That’s why if you watch stand up comedies for example, the comics often making jokes about their own lives. So it’s easy for us to laugh at ourselves whenever we do something like fart. Who says that only kids can see the fun in things that are gross? We, the adults also can have a lot of fun with them, just face it, we are all can be so immature sometimes, especially when it comes to deal with farts.

Farting also takes away the seriousness in many ways, enabling us to let our guard down somehow, and helps us find humor in it and in everything else around us.

We are All Just Big Kids

As said before, none of us are really that mature. We can always find humor in something that we would feel ashamed to admit, and fart is definitely one of them. Maturity is boring, let’s just admit that, everything is serious and there are rules for everything, so at some point we truly need that immaturity. Usually once we have embraced it, it would be a lot easier to be immature every now and then, because we know that it’s totally okay.

It’s Gross

How would you react if someone threw a loaded diaper and it was landed on someone’s face? or when a boy is peeing on a sleeping friend as a prank? or when someone slipped and fell into a pile of dog poop? Totally gross, but pretty darn funny, right?

Gross and funny are two things that have a very strong relation. almost everything that gross always comes with a laugh, and you know what else is gross? Fart. So another reason why we love to see fart videos is because it’s gross. Fart is smelly, sometimes the smell could be really disgusting and we all know that it came out of an ass, the same way our feces came out. So it’s gross, really gross, but at the same time it’s really funny.

It’s Taboo

In some societies, it’s considered vulgar just to talk about fart, but the strange thing is, we often find amusement in violating things that are considered taboo or forbidden. Do you remember the first time you break into a private property when you were kids? usually we did it with a laugh, not much different with violating a taboo, we know it’s a forbidden area because usually there is a big sign telling you that, but that’s why it’s so much fun.

We Like to See Someone Else Struggle

At least in a harmless way, there is a bit of evil in all of us. A lot of fart videos are showing pranks involving farts, and in every prank there is always a victim. The funny part about such videos is not only the farting part, but also the scene where the victim suffers from it. Mostly we think it’s funny because we know that it’s harmless, but still, a fart can cause a suffering to the victim.

Farts Can Be Humiliating

Other fart videos are showing people farting when they’re not suppose to fart and humiliate themselves. Somehow we just love to see people make a fool of themselves, they usually got embarrassed or make some ridiculous excuses. Humiliated people often make a fool of themselves even more when they try to come up with unbelievable excuses.

There are also fart pranks that involve fart toys with the idea of making the victim feel humiliated. These practical jokes are always funny and never get old.

It’s a Private Thing

Most people think that just like urinating and toileting, fart is also something private. That’s something that we like to keep for ourselves, that’s when we accidentally or intentionally fart when there are other people around, most of the time we will try hard to deny it. Whatever it takes we don’t want everyone else to know that we just did it. So it’s kind of like a dirty little secret, and normally humans also have unique fascination to other people’s secrets, that’s why gossip tabloids are always sell and celebrity gossip news always have good ratings.

As we consider that fart is like a secret, in our mind we also think of it as everyone else’s secret, that makes it kind of satisfying for us to see some else is farting.

Farting is Impolite

In a strict and uptight society, fart is considered as a very impolite thing, but that’s also what’s making it interesting. Looks like breaking the society codes is something that we all just love. watching someone doing something that is considered forbidden in some societies somehow is quite fulfilling. Also we often find that it’s hilarious to see someone demonstrates something impolite so vulgarly. Not sure how we find that amusing, maybe that’s just how our brains work.

Wrapping Things Up…

Whatever the reason is, farts are funny, and nobody can deny it. No matter who you are and where your place within the society, there’s always a good chance that you have found something about that you consider pretty darn hilarious, and that is totally okay. Just embrace that idea and attitude and just roll with it. Laugh at it, enjoy the comicality, cause it’s alright to be immature once in a while, even if you’re normally a serious person. Being able to laugh at a silly thing like fart will help you to get through some rough times, bring your anxiety down and keep your spirit up. Now just play those fart videos and have a good laugh!