Fart Sounds

Fart Sounds

Fart-Fart.com is dedicated to bringing you the finest in fart sounds, fart noises, and farting songs (including our bizarre fart sound research).

Not content to merely fart in a mic and laugh (although that’s funny too), our fart sounds are what we like to call “the high-brow of low-brow humor.” A fart symphony, if you will.


Downloadable Fart Sounds, Butt Noises & Gaseous Songs

Fart Sound 1Also Sprach Zarathustra (click for .wav)

Or is it “Also Farts Zarathustra”? Regardless, Nietzsche himself would have been blown away!

(This fart song is 14 MB, but its worth the wait!)

Low-Brow Fart Noises

Plain old farts are funny too…
Fart Sound 2Long, Ripping Fart Sound
Fart Sound 3Sound of a Girl Farting
Fart Sound 4Gross Fart Noise (actually, might be a shart…)
Fart Sound 5Funny Fart Noise (definitely pushed)

Do People Really Like Fart Sounds?

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More Fart Sound Options

Extremely funny farting sounds are also now available in your own home. To hear these gitch-ripping blasters, just lie on your back, breathe deeply, relax, and roll back and forth from side to side for a few minutes. You’ll know when the fart sounds have come even if you’re deaf, since you’ll have to leave the room for better air quality shortly thereafter!

Add a fart to your neighborhood!

The world needs MORE FARTS and you can help. Just lift a cheek, open the window, and allow a fart to appear. Soon your friends will be enjoying your farts too!!

Fart Sounds & Noises

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The Art of Fart Sound

 It’s stinky but so loved by many, in fact, perhaps all of us must have ever laughed so hard to hear someone farted. Looks like somehow there’s a connection between the silly sound and disgusting smell of fart with our sense of humor, even in places where such thing is considered disrespectful or taboo or whatever.


Why Do We Hear Fart Sounds?

Fart is a gas generated in the intestine or stomach that is released through the anus. When it comes out sometimes it will make a sound, which varies depending on the tightness of the sphincter muscle as well as the velocity of the gas being released and also other factors including body fat and water. The anal embouchure can also affect the type of sound produced by flatulence outburst.


How People React To A Fart Sound

Probably fart is the only sound produced by our body that we consider funny. I mean, how many times did you laugh when you hear someone sneezes or coughs? But when someone farts, almost everyone else is laughing. However, there are also some people who get angry when they hear someone farts. Mostly they walk away and cover their nose or get upset in disgust. But these are the people that are considered too uptight.

Furthermore, while the people who hear the fart sound might feel happy and laugh about it, the person who farted often doesn’t feel the same. The most common reaction when someone farts is the person will feel embarrassed and usually tries to hide it. People tend to blame others when they fart and even blame it to a dog just to cover their embarrassment.


Fart Toys

Probably because of those mixed reactions, that’s why there are so many fart prank toys being sold in the market. These toys can be used to embarrass people with fart sound or could also annoy people with a disgusting fart smell. Some of the most popular fart toys are:


Remote controlled fart machine – This is just epic, put it under a chair and wait until someone is sitting on the chair and hit the remote control button. Unlike some old school fart prank toy where the victim has to actually sit on it to produce a fart sound, this prank toy is an electronic device, so you can just hide it and make it work without your victim ever know your mischievous action. Usually such fart machine comes with several different fart sounds and they sound so real.


Hand squeezed pooter – This is a manual fart prank toy. It’s pretty small and made out of rubber because it’s meant to be hand-squeezed. To play it, simply put the toy in your palm and squeeze, now you can fart wherever and whenever you want.


Fart Blaster – It’s a toy gun that produces fart sounds. Could make an instant sound or you can delay the sound for 20 seconds if you want to play a joke on someone.


Fart Piano – People do get extremely creative with fart don’t they? This one is a piano playing fart sound in different tunes. Can’t wait to play the Bohemian Rhapsody with it.


Fanny Bank – This is a hilarious bank in a shape of a butt, everyone you put a coin inside it will make a loud fart sound.


Fart Cushion – Ahh.. the good old fart cushion, probably it already exists since your grand father was just a little boy, and probably he also played with it. This one never gets old.


Fart Bomb – Perfect game for the rascals. Usually it’s being sold in package, containing lots of tiny fart bags. Simply squeeze the bag and get away to the safe zone (about 5 feet away) and let others enjoy the rotten smell when it pops.


Fart Mail – Yep, this is the 21st century baby, we’ve sent people to the moon, explore the red planet, went under the deepest sea, and now it’s time to send fart by mail. It was started by the crazy idea of a card company in the UK to share the stink with the world. So basically you just the fart package from them and let them know where to send it. They will send an extremely stink fart package sealed in an airtight polyethylene envelope with a custom message, greeting card and of course a fart sound. The victim will smell that rotten mail as soon as they open the mail, smart isn’t it?


And the list goes on and on as there are literally thousands of them. If you just search long enough you will find some very bizarre fart toys money can buy.

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