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Believe it or not, the following phrases were all typed into search engines by real people – lots of times. This kind of humor can’t be invented!

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Say Cheese

Farts and toilet humor are essential in this tough world we live in. We love making jokes out of farting, pooping, and burping. Even better are cartoons or pictures that we can show off to our friends and keep the laughter going. Pictures of farts are hard to come by, at least pictures of actual farts. Farts are simply bursts of air and gases. The pictures we love though are of people farting and the faces they make while doing it or shortly after. Also cartoons that make fun of farting are great to email coworkers and friends.

You can search online for “fart pictures” or “fart jokes” or anything really to come up with a number of sites full of great pictures. There may be t-shirts with sayings on them or cartoons with animals farting in their face. Some sites have great pictures of people farting on others or passed out in the bathroom. If nothing else it will make the work day go by faster and keep you amused at the same time.

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