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Fart Research

One of the reasons farting is so funny is that no-one is supposed to do it. The taboo around passing gas is ridiculous, but not nearly as ridiculous as the research you’re about to see.

Fart-Fart’s research pages show phrases people enter into search engines every day about farts. For example, did you know that people search for “farting” ten times more often than “farted”? Or that they search for “fart” 2-3 times more often than that? See for yourself:

Fart-Fart’s research extends beyond mere farts to other taboo topics such as constipation, boogers, burps, and so on. People may not talk about farts and other taboo topics in their social circles, but the evidence shows that they’re sure searching for it online!

Check out this important comparison of online searches for several stinky topics:

You really can’t make this stuff up! For reasons we can’t explain, interest in crap has been dropping since 2006. Thank you Internet!

Fart-Fart.com breaks down several taboo searches one topic at a time on separate web pages. Each page shows a specific set of searches. This way, we can see how people’s searches are different if they’re looking for farts (general), farted (past tense), flatulence, girls farting, and so on. The results are shown in a long list with groups of words and then a number. For example:

  • farting in bed (50)
  • flatulence in the workplace (26)
  • fart in an elevator (19)
  • fart in a glove (3)
  • fart in a bottle (3)
  • fart in mitt (3)
  • sister farted in my face (3)
  • etc.

These examples are all taken from the page “farting in” (one of many topics on Fart-Fart.com). All of these “farting in” searches are on the topic of farts that happen in a specific place (bed, elevator, workplace, etc.) The numbers indicate which topics are searched more often than others. For example, people search online for “farting in bed” roughly twice as often as people search for farts in elevators or “the workplace.” Also, people are searching for a wide range of objects to fart into (bottles, mitts, etc.), presumably because they are fart experts improving their skills!

The true hilarity here is that these are actual phrases typed by real people into search engines! What on Earth led them to enter this into Google/Yahoo/Bing/etc.???

Authentic Fart Research Topics

Click on any topic and see what the world is asking the internet about farts! Then look at some different topics. Never in the history of civilization has there been data like this on farts!

Why This Is So Funny, Weird, & Interesting

Honestly, think about it: people are looking online for farting whales, farting sisters, smelly gas relief, fart competitions, uncontrollable flatulence, and embarrassing fart stories! In droves!!!

What does it all mean? It means that you should look at it, laugh at it, let some farts out, and enlighten your fart-mates the next time you’re at a fart party!