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A woman walked into a department store to buy a rod and reel for her husband. She didn’t know which one to get, so she grabbed a red one and went over to customer service. A sales associate with dark shades on was standing nearby.

She said, “Excuse me sir … can you tell me anything about this fishing rod?”

He replied, “Miss, I’m blind, but if you drop it on the counter I can tell you everything you need to know about it from the sound it makes.”

She didn’t believe him, but dropped it on the counter anyway. The man said, “Thats a 7′ graphite rod with a Prism 442 reel and a 25 lb. test line… It’s great for fly-fishing lake trout and it costs $100.”

The very impressed woman stammered, “That’s amazing that you can tell all that just by the sound it makes from dropping on the counter! I think it’s what I want, so I’ll take it.”

As the man walked around behind the counter to ring in the sale, the woman accidentally let out a big-time flapping fart. She flushed with embarrassment, but quickly realized that the blind man had no way to tell that it was her … he couldn’t see that she was the only person around.

He rang up the sale and motioned across the counter, “That will be $118.50.”

The woman replied, “But didn’t you just say that it was $100?”

He says, “Yes ma’am, the rod and reel is $100.00, but the duck-call whistle is $15 and the catfish stink bait costs $3.50.”

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