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Depending on how badly you’ve got it, a pain in the arse or your lower digestive tract can be serious trouble (or make for one seriously funny night.) Farting is often made better by having an unkempt colon (if overly stinky farts and excessive flatulence is your style), but colon disease and human auto-intoxication are major health problems that really deserve more public attention.

Think about it: topics like irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, bowel obstructions, enemas and intestinal parasites are a major taboo in today’s society. Even groups of farting guys don’t talk about this stuff!

Colon Hydrotherapy? Are you Joking??

Yet the chances are you (yes, you) have a partially plugged butt and a healthy bunch of intestinal parasites yourself. They say that the average 30 year-old man is carrying around 10 pounds of undigested meat & food debris from the past 20 years. A normal large intestine is supposed to handle 2-3 liters of material, but I’d wager that yours is about 30-50% full of hotdogs and pizza pops from 1983. I’m not even joking!!

Regardless, the following research pages all show people’s online searches when learning about their colons and related dis-ease. These are serious conditions, nevermind the regular “aging” problems many people also experience that can be relieved by cleaning your food tube: fatigue, acne, cellulite, pot belly, depression, nervousness, low energy, impotence, high blood pressure, bad breath…

But that doesn’t diminish the humor of people learning about their butts in closed rooms via their internet connection!

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Why This Is So Funny, Weird, & Interesting

Honestly, think about it: people are looking online for enemas, bowel blockage relief, improved intestinal output, and spastic colon info! In droves!!!